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Learning Equality’s platforms are available in several different languages thanks to an amazing community of translators. Translation projects are crowdsourced and overseen by Learning Equality’s Internationalization team.

Because our platforms are user-oriented, our translations consist of small pieces of text which facilitate interaction with these platforms. For example: 'Log in', 'Next exercise', and 'Create a channel.'. Our translations are also community-based, which we value immensely. It is through the work of our dedicated team of volunteer translators that we can reach more and more people around the world.

Although we have been working with a dedicated team of volunteer professional translators, one does not need to be formally trained in order to contribute translations. Anyone can translate our platforms, provided they:

  • Have experience using apps, software and technology in their day-to-day lives
  • Have a solid understanding of the English language, and are fluent in at least one other language

Time Commitment

Our translators put in an average of 30 minutes to one hour of work per day for a turnaround time of two weeks for a complete translation.

We ask that a language package is finished within a maximum of three weeks. For the four weeks following translation completion, we ask that translators be available in case any additional updates need to be made. How the work fits in your schedule is completely up to the translator.

Official guidelines can be found here.

For more information, contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to help.