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100% of your donation goes toward supporting learning globally

Help us bridge the digital divide to foster effective learning

We believe quality education is a universal birthright.

That is why we create free, digital learning tools and pedagogical materials that are open source and adaptable to different contexts, specifically those where resources and connectivity are scarce, costly or simply non-existent.

We support the creation and distribution of quality and openly-licensed digital educational materials in dozens of languages and subject grades.

Most importantly, we work with local organizations on the ground to ensure the needs of learners and educators across the world are being heard and met.

But we can’t do it alone. As a non-profit, your support goes a long way in making this work possible.


Makes a newly translated and approved book into Kolibri from #TranslateAStory book sprint available to learners


Provides a small collection of storybooks from the #TranslateAStory book sprint with quality assurance for use in Kolibri


At-home learning guide for parents and caregivers translated into a new language


Makes a set of educational radio programs available to learners in Kolibri


Pack of at-home learning resources for COVID translated into a new language

Where is the donation going?

100% of your donation goes directly towards our efforts to support learning globally.

This includes formal schools in India, orphanages in Cameroon, prisons across the United States, refugee camps in Kenya, First Nations community centers in northern Canada, and rural schools in Brazil, to name a few.

Learning Equality is a 501c3 nonprofit, therefore your donations are tax deductible.

Donate your time

Everything we produce is openly available, therefore, in-kind contributions are welcomed, encouraged and appreciated. Here’s how you can get involved:

Have Python experience? Help us bring quality learning materials into our library. Email [email protected] to learn how.

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