The offline app for universal education

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Kolibri makes high quality education technology available in low-resource communities

Rural Schools

Refugee Camps


Non-formal school programs



1. "Seeding" a Device

Kolibri installers, updates, and content can be downloaded once to a device in an area that has an Internet connection

2. Peer-to-Peer Distribution

That "seeded" device can then share new content and updates with other devices over an offline local network.

3. Last Mile via "Sneakernet"

To reach the most remote communities, a device can be carried by foot to share installers, updates, and content.

Customizable Digital Curriculum

Education is not "one-size fits all."

Tools to Support Effective Learning

Interactive exercises, real-time feedback, differentiated group instruction, customizable learning pathways, and other tools to support both self-paced and collaborative learning.

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No Internet required

Low cost devices equipped with Kolibri enable learners to engage with a vast library of educational content, totally offline.

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