Jessica Aceret

User Experience Lead

Richard Tibbles

Co-founder and Product Lead

David Canas

Software Developer

Jacob Pierce

Full Stack Developer

Devon Rueckner

Product Manager

Marcella Maki

Full Stack Engineer

Radina Matic

Accessibility Designer

Blaine Jester

Software Developer

Navya Akkinepally

Regional Lead - South Asia and Training

José L. Redrejo Rodríguez

Software Developer

Aron Asor

Reliability Engineering Lead

Rosanna Domino Tripp

People Operations Manager

Carine Diaz

Communications & LATAM Regional Lead

Vahid Masrour

Curriculum Operations Specialist

Michaela Robosova

Software Developer

Riddhi Avlani

UX Researcher

Jamie Alexandre

Co-founder and Executive Director

Casey Boettcher

Systems Engineer

Sarah Setiawan

Operations Manager

Massa Mufti

Arabic Curriculum Manager

Lauren Lichtman

Partnerships Lead

Sairina Merino Tsui

Junior Full Stack Engineer

Jess Talwar

Social Media Manager

Laura Danforth

Global Community Lead