Kolibri Hardware Grants Program

With a commitment to reaching learners in connectivity-scarce environments, we are bringing our new open source platform, Kolibri, to learners who are otherwise unable to access high quality educational content.

Supported by funding from Google.org, the “Kolibri Hardware Grants Program” provides organizations with a grant of up to $15,000 USD for the purchase of necessary hardware to implement Kolibri in formal schools, educational facilities, and non-formal learning settings to reach both school-aged and adult learners. Our goal is to learn more about the many ways that Kolibri can be used to bring education to learners around the world who need it most. Grantees will receive personalized support to test and pilot Kolibri in their programs in addition to the hardware, which may also be used for other programming needs.

We will work closely with our grantees to ensure that they are supported in using Kolibri to address the needs of their community. Users with unique user types and hardware configurations in their context are encouraged to apply.

Applications for our most recent round of grants closed on January 19th. If you are interested in being notified about our next round of applications, please sign up for our mailing list.

First Recipients

We are excited to announce our first recipients of the Kolibri Hardware Grants Program to bring Kolibri to their education programs. We have selected three organizations with diverse education settings and models who share our vision in making access to education more equitable around the world.

Alma Foundation

The Alma Foundation creates and implements play-based and project-based education programs utilizing local indigenous knowledge and language to reinforce critical thinking, creativity, analytical reasoning, and harmonious values to shape socially responsible and environmentally conscious individuals within indigenous communities in Peru and Bolivia.

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Camara Education - Camara aims to transform education by using technology to empower disadvantaged students. Some of Camara’s country organizations, including Camara Ethiopia and Camara Tanzania, will each be implementing Kolibri in their partnering schools.

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The Sergio Paiz Andrade Foundation (FUNSEPA) was created in 2004 to improve educational outcomes in Guatemala through the innovative use of technology and bring about lasting change to the nation’s social and economic development. FUNSEPA provides computer equipment to public primary, middle and high schools and conducts teacher training in Guatemala to effectively incorporate technology into traditional teaching.

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