We are a group of hackers, educators, and humanitarians that eat the digital divide for breakfast. We believe that regardless of their nationality, gender, or social status, everyone around the world should have access to a free, high-quality education. And we need your help to make it happen!

Photo of Learning Equality team with values poster

Help the people who really need it.
There's an amazing online learning revolution going on in the developed world right now, with organizations like Khan Academy, Coursera, and EdX leading the charge to bring high-quality educational content and learning systems to the masses for free. There's just one small problem... only about 40% of the world's population has internet access, leaving around 4.5 billion without the chance to take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity.

Provide access to education all over the world.
You'll work on software platforms that will be used in some of the most remote places on earth, and then some. Our first platform, KA Lite, has been installed in over 175 countries and territories. Check out this sweet map of known installs:

A map of known KA Lite installations

Take on global challenges.
When you join the Learning Equality team, you'll be taking on personal responsibility for making high-quality, open-licensed educational content accessible to everyone, and that's not an easy problem to solve. You'll have to find creative solutions to questions like these: How do you provide access to open-licensed educational materials in places with no Internet connectivity? How do you design a low-cost solution that works in every deployment scenario possible, including classrooms with no power, access to paved roads, or even rooftops?

If you're not sold yet, here are some other benefits:

  1. A GitHub/LinkedIn/Dribbble account that will absolutely sparkle when you're done: because when you work with us, you create -- every. single. day.
  2. Open door access to a team of talented, creative, passionate people.
  3. A sense of purpose so strong that it adds a twinkle to your eye and a skip in your step*
*please note: degree of eye twinkle and step skipping may vary from person to person

Interested? Here's who we're looking for:

  1. You take the initiative, finding multiple solutions to problems that you see, and work with team members to get feedback and iterate ideas.
  2. You absolutely love learning.
  3. You want to help spread the great opportunities you have had to everyone around the world.

Fit the bill? Awesome!

Ready to apply? View the list of available projects and fill out an application!

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I apply?
You can apply at any time of the year, but typically, we will release new projects that you can apply to every 3-months. We operate our internship program in sync with the UC San Diego quarter system for the convenience of current students. So, check back here during Week 5, 6, or 7 of a given quarter for the following quarter. You can see if there are any available projects on the Trello board. If there are no projects that interest you at any given time, you can subscribe to the Internships Mailing List to be notified of future rounds.
How much time will I have to commit?
We ask that all interns commit to a minimum of 10 hours a week of in-office time (the more the better!) and a minimum of one academic quarter at UCSD or 3 months.
Is this a paid or unpaid internship?
At the moment, internships are unpaid, and the goal is to help you learn as much as possible, so we provide mentoring and training (and snacks!). However, in a number of cases interns have later gone on to join us for either full-time or part-time positions, so interning is a good way to get your foot in the door!
Where are the internships located?
Our offices are in Atkinson Hall on the UCSD campus in San Diego, California. Also known as America's Finest City, and home to Ron Burgundy, among other fine people. We can also consider the possibility of remote internships, if you don't have a way to get to San Diego.
I'm a UCSD student. Can I get 199 credit?
Yes, we collaborate with faculty and graduate students, through whom we can give COGS 199 or CSE 199 class credit.
How does the application process work?
First, check out the Trello board which has available internship projects. You can access the application from both the Trello board and this page. After the application is submitted, we will review your application and be in touch via email within 2 weeks about interview scheduling and to ask specific follow up questions.
More questions?
Don't hesitate to send us an email at jobs@learningequality.org.